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Watt 017
Where to begin? After finishing my education as an artist in 2008 I became an odd job woman (artistic and otherwise) for a while, roofing a house, helping with building an oven or two, minding hens and dogs, decorating a workshop and a bathroom, working with handicapped people, building life-sized figures and, odd but true, giant coffee beans out of papier maché. Then I moved to Iceland following my love, becoming a mother, painting murals in our home, making a garden, painting some more, drawing... If you follow my journey you will find me trying my hand at all kind of things. Etching was my greatest passion while studying, but for the lack of proper equipment I turned my attention to drawing, woodworking, linocut, clay, wax - whatever suits me at any given moment. Nature, folktales, even the garbage people leave behind inspire me to search for a story in all the things I encounter.
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